Creating business through design

The proces of creating meaningful brands

Branding is about engagement and creating the best opportunity for making people interact with you and your offerings. You want people to talk about just how important you are for their success. How do you do that? 

To make people really interact with your company you need to have insights into what kind of value you are creating and what challenges you are solving and for who. These insights come from your users and potential users as they are the ones fitting your business into their schedule. They will position you in comparison with your competitors regarding price and quality. They are the ones that are making short work out of your offering if you are not living up to their expectations. And they are the ones praising your deeds in their network when you have outdone yourself yet again. 

What you are trying to do is to impact why people are interacting with you. To gain a bit of control over this situation you need to take a closer look at what they are trying to do, where they are having issues and what makes their life meaningful.


I have are a very particular set of skills...

Designing for value

The most important thing I'm gonna ask you is what you want to achieve. The purpose can be manifold, but without a measurement of success, design is meaningless.

Human centric

I design for human experiences, because you want people to feel, think and act in a certain way. I will put myself in your customers, partners and co-workers shoes to get an idea of how their world is like and what is important for them.

Design project management

The proces of managing projects within a design scope is all about the having the eye on the value; the feet on the ground (running) and the hands on the right buttons.

Visual concepts

A brief sometimes come with uncharted territory, that can, if conquered, ad plenty of value to your business. I'll help identify what can be hard to see.

Spatial design

Physical spaces is where impact is felt by touch, smell, visual or listening. I create the right settings for the right experience.

Visual Identity

A brand needs a look that embraces the value it creates.

Need inspiration? Lets meet!

Lets get a cup of coffee – you can share your goals, vision and challenges and I give you pointers and ideas how to take the next step.