Lamp made of recycled materials

This lamp is made from 98 yogurt pots, collected from household trash.

In collaborations with industry partners

Easy refurbish after years of use

Minimalistic design

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The material of YP98 is compressed yogurt pots with bits of label and top lid, which gives the surface a dancing, almost terrazzo looking appearance. The clean form of the lamp goes well with the minimalistic decor in most nordic homes, and still stands out as a conversation piece when guest are visiting. 

The way YP98 is made makes it very easy to refurbish with new LED after 10 years of normal use.  

The colour of YP98 can vary slightly from design to design because of the raw material being a waste product. All the YP98 Lamps are 98% white because they are made from yogurt pots. 

YP98 size: 

100 x 4,5 x 1,5 cm 

We currently only ship to denmark. 

Transportation prices is 

300 DKK,- 

Incl VAT

The price per YP98 is 

3500 DKK,- 

incl VAT

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    The guys behind this product are Morten and Johan. Like you, we love to be able to be a little more sustainable with our purchases, but when it comes to lamps, the only ones we could find didn’t fit into our homes.

    So we created a minimal lamp made  as sustainble as possible. And now you can also buy it! 

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