Connect the dots between
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I work with skilled designers, anthropologist and business developer; creating meaning and impactful brands.
This is my portfolio of special projects.

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Temp. space

#Project // Coming soon 

The future of experiences and transformation can be disrupted by new technologies and insights into what drives the travelers. 

Coming soon but you can visit our homepage here 


Spaces are complex systems that can be a catalysator for value creation. But designing for this value takes ingenuity. This is my story for creating a space for innovation for the partnership EnergyLab Nordhavn. 

#Mind fuel

Change is the root of designing – but how can designers approach the resistance to change that follows new solutions to complex problems?

I’m working on getting more project here in my portfolie. One about how to design space, another about change management in colours and a third about design thinking…

Project #1

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